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Just Another Pretty Face? Hardly.

August 22, 2011

7:15 AM ET

Her official title is the “Reigning 2011 Miss Tennessee’s Teen Princess.” That’s a mouthful to be sure, but Jocelynn Jordan of the Memphis area is just as proud of another title: Anti-Bullying Activist. We recently sat down with Jocelynn in our Memphis office, and she happily agreed to answer some questions about her interest in bullying prevention. Here are some highlights from that interview:

3V Learning: How and why did you become interested in bullying prevention as a platform?

Jocelyn: “I have experienced bullying personally in various forms. When I became interested in pageants I considered many different platforms that needed to be brought to people’s attention. In the end my heart kept choosing America’s Youth Against Violence and Bullying. I knew I could relate and connect with other adolescents experiencing this, and I knew that children are more likely to listen to a victim their age than someone older. I could reach places adults couldn’t.”

3V Learning: Do you perceive bullying as a serious problem at all ages?

Jocelyn: “Everyone experiences bullying regardless of age because bullying takes presence in various forms, the most common being verbal.”

3V Learning: In what ways are you having the greatest impact on the youth bullying issue?

Jocelyn: “I have assisted with and established numerous “No Bullying Zones” in multiple schools state-wide. Later in the year of 2011, I will meet with legislators and other state representatives and discuss a law that will take away the option of receiving your license or suspending your license if you have been proven guilty of harassment or other forms of bullying.”

Jocelynn competed in the Miss Tennessee High School America Pageant on August 6th. She is excited about additional opportunities to play a part in impacting bullying and feels her participation in pageants will pave the way to becoming more and more involved.

Be sure to visit Jocelynn’s Facebook page and follow her on Twitter.

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